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My name is Polymorphling. Feel free to call me Poly.

I grew up in a small city in the south of Slovakia. My childhood was full of creativity. I remember how i used to draw portraits with my older sister. We sat together, looked through magazines and decided which girl we´re going to draw. One day i asked her to download me some graphic editing software. She kindly did, and i started to edit photography. I was lacking some material, so i started taking pictures. I was excited for the part, where i can edit, transform, change colors, imagine and make my imagination come true. That is how i learned to tame a graphic software. After growing up I moved to a bigger city, where i studied Gardening. I started to study gardening because of my passion for nature. It never was my dream work, i just wanted to know the plants better and examine their beautiful life. Sadly it paused my creative life. After school, i was hired by a well known corporation as a marketing assistant/graphic designer. I gained experience. I worked there for two years, but something felt wrong. I stopped doing something what made me happy. I completely stopped my development. My mind was unbalanced, my heart was sick. So i quit. I was "rebuilding" myself one whole year. I took some rest and started doing what makes me happy (again). Art. And here I am. Trying to get better in what makes me happy. 

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